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Meet the 

Maestro Artists

Orange Block
Blue Strokes

Valda Goh

Principal Artist

Like her personality, her makeup style is vibrant with a touch of peach-pink glow that emits a joyful vibe. If you like simple, classy and comfortable style for your special day, Valda will be your pick! She embraces natural beauty and enhances mono eyelids with minimal adjustments. Her signature hairstyling is neat, effortless and sleek, with a natural texture to create the perfect volume.

Kind words for Valda –

Timeless bride with berry makeup tones, sculpted cheeks, and a sleek, modern bun.


"I felt the most beautiful on my wedding day than I've ever been in my entire life. Valda was very attentive to how I felt with the make up on and was absolutely considerate and patient because my eyes got so teary so easily. Also loved the fact that the make up turned out to be natural and compatible with the whole feel of the wedding. Thank you Valda! :)" 

- Dione Ng

"Although I want your looks to be timeless, I am definitely not traditional." 

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