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Package Related

1. What is the difference between Principal Artist and Artist?

While all Makeup Maestro’s artists are skilled and experienced artists who can perform all makeup-related assignments, Principal Artists are the founders of Makeup Maestro and they hold an additional role in planning and directing bridal concept shoot for the team.


2. What is the difference between bridal and wedding guest services?


Wedding guest service takes about one hour while the bridal service takes about two hours. Bridal services are more detail, this is to ensure that the bride stands out among the crowd.


3. Can I use the wedding guest service for my Solemnization or Wedding day?


We do not encourage brides to opt for the wedding guest service and make do for your solemnization/ casual prewedding shoot and/or wedding day. Wedding guest service a basic package and our artists will not be able to bring out the desired details and effects to ensure that you stand out among the crowd on your special day. If you choose to do so, please understand that your final look will not be similar to portfolios you saw on our website.


4. How do I decide how many numbers of looks I need for my wedding? 


Here are some considering factors: 


a) The number of events that are happening through the wedding day - Say you have Holy Matrimony in the afternoon, and a dinner banquet after, you might want to consider having two different looks even if you are only wearing one dress. Each look that our Maestro Artist design will be based on the event happening and the set up for the event. 


b) The number of dresses you have - Well, you have spent some bucks on getting different dresses, let our Maestro Artist design each look that best suit each dress design. 


c) Skin condition - Unfortunately, not every one of us is blessed with porcelain skin. After more with Singapore being so hot and humid, we become sweaty and the face gets oily after a few hours. In cases like this, you might want to consider getting more looks and have the makeup artist touch up your makeup in between important events of the day. 


5. Nobody likes Hidden Charges! 


We are not a fan too, that is why when you inquire with us, we will share all possible charges based on the services that you require. We will also include an itemised invoice so that you are aware of what you are paying for. 

Trial Session

1. Can I do a trial session before confirming the artist?

Of course, you can! But before you book for a trial session,  there are a few things to take note of:


a) The trial fee of $300 cannot be used to offset the bridal package. 

b) Please understand that your wedding date will still be available for booking as only a trial session is confirmed. We will give priority to any bride who is making a full deposit payment to secure the artist's date. We suggest that you book the trial earlier so that there will be a higher chance to secure your preferred artist.


2. Where is the trial conducted?


It will be conducted in Makeup Maestro's Studio, located at 36A Sago Street Singapore 059027 (level 2 of shophouse)

You will need to take the stairs through the entrance in between the two famous Chinese pastry shops – 大圣 & 大中国


Nearest drop off point by Taxi /Grab

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple: 288 South Bridge Road Singapore 058840


Nearest car park

Chinatown Complex Multi-Storey Carpark (Gantry)

335 Smith Street Singapore 050335

Public Carpark beside Tooth Relic Temple (Coupon)

5 Banda St, Singapore 050005


Nearest MRT Station

Chinatown, Exit A, Pagoda Street

Walk towards Trengganu Street and turn left onto Sago Street.


3. When is the best time to do a trial?


We recommend the trial to be done one month before your service date. This will give you sufficient time for preparations to achieve the desired makeup and hairstyling look on your wedding date.


The trial will be conducted on a weekday (excluding public holiday and eve of public holiday) at either 11am or 3pm based on artist's availability. Each trial will take approximately 2 to 3 hours. During the trial, our artist will consult you on your preferred wedding looks, and you will get to see yourself in at least one proposed look.


4. Can I use my trial for Pre-Wedding/Solemnization/Causal Shoot?


As the trial is an experimental session to get the most desired look on your wedding day, it is not at it's optimum for you to use it for other purposes such as solemnisation/engagement shoot/casual shoot etc as minimal hair products will be used to allow multiple changes.

It is important to us that you look your best, if you wish to keep the look from the trial for such events, please inform your makeup artist in advance so that extra efforts can be put into touching up of the makeup and hairstyling for your event. Such efforts will require an additional service fee of $400 (Principal Artist) or $300 (Artist).


5. What to prepare for trial?


  • You may only invite one guest for the trial as spaces in the studio are limited.

  • Please come without any makeup. If you need to wear makeup on the day before the trial, ensure that you bring along your makeup removal, facial cleanser and your usual skincare to replenish your skin.

  • On the night before the trial, avoid using hair serum or conditioner. On the day of the trial, do not wash your hair. This will help our artists determine your hair condition throughout the day so that they can design the most suitable hairstyling for you.

  • Identify a few preferred sample looks from the artist’s portfolio. This will aid in helping them understand your preference.

  • Lastly, wear a white dress or top. This will help you better visualize yourself in your wedding gown when you wear a similar colour.


6. Loan of Accessories (For Brides only)


Makeup Maestro’s makeup artists have their own personal collection of hair accessories. You can request to view see their collection during the trial. A security deposit of $100 is required for our artists to loan any pieces of accessories to you. All loaned accessories must be returned either personally, by courier or registered mail within the 3 working days from your wedding date. Please do not use normal mail and we are not responsible for lost mails and the deposit will only be refunded when we received the accessories in good condition.

Terms & Conditions


Please read all the terms and conditions carefully before making any payment. Upon receiving the 50% deposit from the client, the client is deemed agreeable to all terms and conditions.


1) To confirm your booking, full payment has to be transferred to Makeup Maestro’s DBS corporate Account within 48 hours from the time when this summary is sent out. The client who makes full payment will get the priority of the booking.

2) Upon receiving the payment from the client, the client is deemed agreeable to all terms and conditions.

3a) No refunds, either in part or full, will be made in the event you wish to cancel your service booking after payment is received.

3b) Once payment is placed, change of service date and/or transfer of booking is not allowed.

4) A receipt will be issued to the client after all payment is cleared.

5) For Wedding Guests booking- There is no allowance for reducing the number of makeover pax (within 1 location), only add-on available (if time permits, changing of time is subjected to makeup artists' availability)

6) For Bridal booking - The loan of hairpiece/accessory is complimentary as part of our bridal service package. A security deposit of $100 will be collected and refunded back to the client once the hairpiece/accessory is received in its loan condition by the makeup artist. The hairpiece/accessory has to be returned 1. personally or 2. via registered post within 3 days after the event.

7) Unless expressly stated by the client in writing, Makeup Maestro shall reserve the right to display images resulting from this assignment as Makeup Maestro's portfolio works.

Booking Procedures

Check availability > Secure your booking with 50% deposit > Confirmation of booking and final payment



(1) Check availability


Once you have confirmed the date, time, location of service and choice of makeup artist, our team will send you a booking summary with rate of the services. If there are any surcharges, you will also be notified in the booking summary. You do not have to worry about any hidden cost(s) as all our rates and surcharges (if applicable) are available on our website.

To get a quote from us, simply send the following details to us via email at enquiry@makeupmaestro.sg


Date of event:

Location of service:

Type of service required: Wedding/Solemnization/Wedding guests

No. of look(s) & ready time:

Preferred Maestro Artist: 


(2) Secure your event date and time with a 50% deposit



A non-refundable/transferrable 50% deposit of the total service fee (including any applicable surcharges) has to be made to Makeup Maestro’s DBS Account within 2 working days from the date the summary of booking is sent to you via email. Please notify us via email at enquiry@makeupmaestro.sg once payment is made. If the payment is not received within 2 working days, we will free up the slot for other bookings.


(3) Confirmation of booking and final payment


Once the deposit has been made and received by us, you are deemed to have accepted all the terms and conditions. Our team will then send you an invoice containing the finalised details. Any change of time is subject to artist's availability.


4) Balance amount to be cleared 3 days prior to the service date

A friendly email reminder will be sent to you for the balance payment. Kindly clear the balance amount 3 calendar days prior to the service date and all payments received are non-refundable or transferable to other packages.

Mode of Payment

We accept fund transfers via (1) Pay Now, (2) Internet Banking (IB) and (3) International Money Transfer.


(1) Pay Now

For payment via PayNow, scan the following QR CODE to make payment. 















1. Input deposit amount 

2. Once you have made the payment, inform us either via email (enquiry@makeupmaestro.sg) or whatsapp to 9111 7539 so that we can check to make sure we have received the deposit into our account.



(2) Internet Banking (IB)

For payment via Internet Banking, please fill in your initial in the following format so that we can confirm your booking as soon as possible:


Name_Date of Service DD/MM/YY

Example: Daphne 17 December 2017

Sample Initial: Dap171217

Makeup Maestro's Banking Details


Name of Bank: DBS

Account Name: Maestro Group LLP

Account No. 003-942261-0

Account Type: DBS Current Account


(3) International Money Transfer

For payment via International Money Transfer, all wired transfer charges and fees are to be borne by the client. We recommend using Transferwise and online service for the transfer.

Other Information for International Money Transfer

Name of Beneficiary Bank: DBS Bank
Address of Beneficiary Bank: 12 Marina Boulevard, DBS Asia Central, Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 3, Singapore 018982
Country: Singapore


All payments will be verified within 2 working day from the date we are notified of the payment via email, Whatsapp or telephone. Please note that interbank transfers (i.e. non-DBS bank) may take up to 3 working days to be reflected in our account and hence our verifications of interbank payments may take longer than 2 working days to complete.​

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