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Wedding Packages

The journey to plan a wedding is full of ginormous tasks. We know because most of us have been there and we really appreciate when details and packages can be made as straightforward and simple as possible.


Nobody likes Hidden Charges! We are not a fan too, so what you see listed on our website are the NETT rates.


how does our bridal package work?

Which bridal package should I choose?

Our packages are structured in an easy-to-understand manner with no hidden charges! Yes, no surcharges for early hours. All you need to decide is the number of looks you wish for each of your wedding occasions, and bear in mind that the packages can only be utilised on the same day - for example, if you are going for a one-look pre-wedding photoshoot and a two-look wedding day, you would need two separate packages instead of one three-look package. 

Bride Packages

By Principal Artist 

By Artist

Weekday Rate (Mon - Thu)










Weekend Rate (Fri - Sun, PH & PH Eve)










Each look can be a Fresh Makeup and Hairstyling Session (2.5 - 3 hours) or Hair Change and Makeup Touch-up Session (45 - 60 mins). There is no price difference between the two selections. 

All packages above include:

Skin Prepping

False Eyelashes

Eyebrow Shaping

Hair Colouring Perks with Black Hair Salon

Complimentary Loan of Bridal Hair Accessories

Makeup Artist’s Transport to Service Location 

Bridal Packages are appliable for same-day event only. Rates shown are NETT rate, there is no surcharges.

Optional Service Add-On


Trial is held at Makeup Maestro Studio - 36A Sago Street on a weekday (excluding Fridays,  Public Holidays, and eves of public holidays).

Trial (Standalone)

For brides who need affirmation from our Maestro Artist before booking with us.

Stand By / Follow Through

Minimum engagement of 2 hours required.





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Orange Block.png

Decisive Brides Promo

1) This discount is not applicable to other ongoing offers, privileges, and promotional/bundled packages. 2) This promotion is not applicable for service add-ons at a later date. 3) Maestro Group LLP has the right to change the rates and offer without prior notice.

Enjoy $100 off when you engage us for Pre-wedding, Wedding day, and add-on a Trial session all at one go.

Groom, Family and Friends

Dedicated makeup & hairstyling services for your nearest & dearest so you don't have to worry. 

By Principal Artist 

By Artist


Groom Styling

Available with bride package or Family & Friends

One to one Personal Makeup Workshop

Course Outline:
- Understanding the varies makeup tools and its usage
- The importance of skin prepping before makeup
- How to trim your own brows that complement your face shape
- Different type of foundation and application techniques
- How to achieve the makeup style of your choice



1 Lady

2 Ladies and above

Service duration: 60 - 90 mins per pax

For 2 pax and above, services must be done in the same room & without waiting time. 

Groom Styling
Family and Friends





Makeup Workshop
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