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Meet the 

Maestro Artists


Principal Artist

Valda's makeup style is vibrant with a touch of peach-pink glow that emits a joyful vibe.

Chin Sien


Chin Sien's overall makeup style is natural but is more glamorous on the eyes area.



Cadee adores contemporary korean makeup style that makes one look youthful and dreamy.

MM - Plant

Choosing a Makeup artist

How To Choose A Wedding Make-Up Artist? 

Makeup Artist is usually the first wedding vendor you will meet on your wedding day. It is important to select someone you feel comfortable with and trust that they will deliver your envisioned look. As we truly believe that when the vibe is high and the magic around you will unfold! We have listed some advice to help you in your decision process. 


1. What's your bridal makeup style? 

When you are looking through our Maestro Artists' portfolio, we have description listed to elaborate their makeup style. You can also click the heart icon to view their individual portfolio. Shortlist two Maestro Artist with makeup style that closes to your heart. Within the two Maestro Artists that you have shortlisted, count the number of photos from their portfolio that you like. Be sure to take into account the features and skin tone of the person in the image – would the makeup look similar on you? If it wouldn’t, it’s probably not a good example. 

2. If you need affirmation before you secure with the Maestro Artist you choose

We provide 'by appointment' trial session which allows our Maestro Artist to focus on one bride at a time. A usual trial session is about two hours which you will be able to relax and truly enjoy the full experience of a bridal look consisting of both hairstyling and makeup. Before the trial session, be sure to bring makeup references and ideas to go through with our Maestro Artist together. Most bride-to-be also creates Instagram and Pinterest mood boards with makeup looks they like. 

Our Maestro Studio is conveniently located in the heart of Singapore, and a mere five minutes walk from Chinatown MRT station. If you like to book a trial session, find out the trial session rate and date of availability over here.

3.  How far in advance should you book your wedding makeup artist? 


Just like you needed to move fast on your favorite wedding venue or photographer, you'll need to make a decision about your makeup artist early on. Since popular ones book up fast, you should lock in your preferred artist as soon as you have a wedding date and venue. We open our calendar 12 months in advance, and you can start researching earlier to ensure you get your first choice, particularly in the high season – October to December. We wouldn’t recommend leaving it any later than three months before your wedding day. 

Another reason you should book your makeup artist early, is that, in between your wedding planning, and you are stuck with say for example - unsure about the neckline of your dress or whether or not you should go with that moody-colored bouquet. Our Maestro Artists with many years of experience in the wedding industry can help. If you're still deciding on your big-day beauty look, we can help you make those details work-say, by suggesting a berry-hued lip to match your bouquet or subtle makeup that works with a more dramatic dress.

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